Our journey as a couple in creating The Handmade Chef Inc. was born out of the challenging times during the pandemic. We found a unique opportunity to channel our creativity and culinary skills into full time entrepreneurs. As family and friends started requesting our services for events and small dinner parties, our private chef service company began to take shape and it has steadily grown, now catering to high-end events for a discerning clientele.
In addition, we recognized the growing demand for healthy, clean and convenient meal options, so we have expanded our business by opening a brick and mortar meal prep company. Here we focus on sustainable proteins, organic ingredients, the exclusion of seed oils, and a commitment to being entirely gluten-free. We offer both delivery services and the option for customers to personally visit and build their meals on-site. Looking ahead, our next step is to expand our meal prep company up the beautiful coast of California, making our clean, organic, and sustainable food available to an even wider audience. We are passionate about bringing this movement to every street corner, and ultimately, we envision franchising our concept to make a lasting impact nationwide.