Drew Louis

Building one of the largest and fastest growing Loan Servicing Companies on the west coast is a big change from working on farms as a kid in Illinois.

My career as a stock broker brought me to California in 1990 and led to my position as a Vice President of Private Banking at Wells Fargo.

After investing in real estate and lending money to other real estate investors for a few years I left Wells Fargo and founded Del Toro Loan Servicing along with my wife, Liz.

lately I have been very busy as a Trust Deed Consultant and Expert Witness. This has given me exposure beyond the 3,000+ clients ($400M) we service for. This industry has tremendous opportunity if managed properly.

We reduce exposure and add incredible value to our clients’ investments by experience sharing and offering connections to some of the brightest and most respected people in the real estate and private lending industries. It is very likely that we either employ the expert you are looking for or we can introduce you to them.