Gianni Del Vecchio

Gianni grew up in Irvine, CA and learned how to build computers in order to become a better gamer and hacker.  Gianni went to UCSD and studied economics.  Graduating in 2008, Gianni left his early career in financial services (Merrill Lynch, AXA Advisors,) and pursued his then-side hustle, ATM machines, like a heat-seeking missile, which he grew starting with a $5,000 loan from his college roommate to a network of over 1,000 ATMs today.
5 years into developing his ATM network, Gianni envisioned industry disruptive technology that was not being developed, and decided to build the future of Banking and Financial Services by combining it with Mobile phone Technology.  In 2013, Gianni Co-founded a FinTech company called KLEAR Technologies Inc., which has two products, LiquidKlear and SecurPair.
LiquidKlear is B2C product offering users a fully closed-loop financial services ecosystem combining a Bank Card, Cardless ATM withdrawals via Phone, P2P Payments, Bill Pay, Mobile Check Deposit, and Financial Literacy and organization tools powered by internal A.I.  The card program is set to launch in 90 to 180 days.
SecurPair is a patented B2B product offering secure device to terminal pairing in financial transactions (currently applied) for phone based ATM withdrawals (cardless).  The technology is soon to be licensed to Financial Institutions and Financial Technology companies.  Despite the technology is currently being used to effectuate a phone-based cardless ATM withdrawal, the secure authentication technology can also be applied to all device-to-terminal permutations in all sorts of payments and financial services / transactions.
Holding 3 patents, Gianni continues to grow his ATM network while developing new banking technologies, Gianni is passionate about Payments, FinTech, and Financial Literacy, and is actively innovating in the industry.  A recent industry achievement was awarded to Gianni and his team becoming the first in the world Next-Gen Certified Product by the ATMIA (ATM Industry Association,) serving 7 continents, 65 countries, and 11,000 members.
In his spare time, Gianni enjoys running, tennis, golf, hiking, photography, reading, and playing chess.  Gianni resides in Las Vegas, NV but frequents San Diego, CA and New York City, NY for business.