Biggest Growth Opportunities in 2020 for EO Members

Posted: February 3, 2020
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We asked 100's of EO companies what they see as their biggest growth opportunity in 2020.  Here is how they answered.  The first 5 are what ALL respondents said, the second 5 are what HIGH GROWTH companies (growing over 20% YOY) wrote.

2020 Growth Opportunities Overall 

1. Generating leads and client retention

Generating more clients is a top priority for nearly one-third of survey respondents. Companies want to generate more leads and nurture and expand existing relationships. Many are planning to expand their customer base, improve closing rates, and implement strategies to reduce churn and drive retention.

They are also developing strategies for more effective prospecting, with some reporting they relied too heavily on word of mouth in the past – and now need to proactively generate more leads.

2. Expanding marketing efforts

Nearly one-fifth of survey respondents listed marketing efforts as a top priority in 2020. Marketing plans include everything from developing stronger customer segmentation strategies to creating stronger market playbooks to beefing up social media and word of mouth campaigns.

Thought leadership campaigns are also a priority for businesses that want to share valuable insights in vertical segments and develop stronger authority in specific niches. Developing online communities and improving customer relationship management (CRM) are also key priorities for business in the area of marketing.

3. Hiring more salespeople

Fifteen percent of survey respondents reported a variety of HR considerations for 2020, but the top area of concern was hiring more salespeople. Companies want to hire more people to grow revenue and provide those teams with stronger training programs.

4. Creating new partnerships

Almost 10% of survey respondents plan to grow their partnerships in 2020. They want to identify and invest energy in partnerships that will positively impact the bottom line. Those partnerships may include strategic alliances with complementary businesses and developing affiliate marketing relationships.

5. Offering new products or changing existing products

Eight percent of survey respondents reported they are thinking about product development in the coming year. Some are modifying existing products to better fit the needs of customers, while others are exploring the viability of entirely new products and services. Expanding into new niches with existing products is also a consideration for survey respondents.

2020 Growth Opportunities High-Growth Firms

The survey isolated the responses of “high-growth firms,” which it defined as companies with at least 20% year-over-year revenue growth.

1. Generating new clients and entering new markets

Over one-third of high-growth companies are focused on generating more clients in the coming year. They are planning to schedule more face-to-face meetings with prospects and looking at new opportunities for market expansion in the new year. Building a stronger sales funnel and creating more effective practices around prospecting are also top priorities.

2. Growing relationships with existing customers

Nearly one-fifth of high-growth firms are planning to expand relationships with existing customers in 2020. They are creating strategies for identifying their best customers and proactively expanding and growing those relationships. These companies are also looking at strategies for driving repeat purchases and finding the most impactful methods for contacting customers to drive sales.

3. Expanding marketing efforts

Fourteen percent of firms are planning to expand marketing efforts this year. They have strategies that include presenting at more conferences this year and highlight case studies and innovation at these events. These companies are revamping their playbooks and investing time in revamping segmentation strategy. Word-of-mouth campaigns with existing customers are another strategy included in their plans this year.

4. Generating more channel referrals

Eleven percent of high growth firms plan to build a stronger referral system this year. They are working to develop a more robust network of channel referrals and are spending more time growing existing sales channels.

5. Fostering improved operations and technology

Over ten percent of companies are looking for ways to leverage innovation to promote growth in the coming year. They are considering new technologies and also redefining processes to improve efficiency and performance. For example, some high-growth firms are working to reshape the sales process to set up their teams for greater success.


As mentioned before, our next theme will focus on MONEY.  So look for a new survey coming your way but until then more great content on GROWTH is coming your way.

I am excited for us to learn from each other as mentioned, our chapter seeks to increase member-to-member value through curating and creating valuable content that you care about.  GROWTH is the first theme that will be unpacked for the next several months but over the year we will focus on 4 themes GROWTH, SCALING your operations, creating a winning STRATEGY and MONEY.

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Drew Goodmanson
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