Djamel Bettahar – Growing Organifi to $150M+ in total Revenue in Under 5 Years

October 18, 2019 / Member Profiles

When we asked the chapter, what one EO Member would you want to learn from on growing revenue, Djamel Bettahar was one of the most requested people. So we took a moment to ask Djamel a few questions for you to get to know about him, and the explosive growth his company Organifi is experiencing.

For those who don’t know, Organifi is an organic superfood e-commerce company. But it’s more than just a superfood company – it’s a lifestyle. With roots in transformation coaching, they’ve discovered the power of mindset and community in creating sustainable lifestyle change.

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Our Sales Organizations – Growth Survey

October 17, 2019 / Growth

This week we are looking at the sales organization of our members.  As shown in a previous article, 2/3rds of our chapter’s members said they are the leader responsible to drive sales.  And roughly 90% have at least one full time sales employee or equivalent.  But let’s look deeper at the strategies we believe are most effective at driving sales.

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University Club Membership Invitation

October 11, 2019 / Announcements

Dear EO SD Members,

The last EO Event, Maximizing Your Brain for Financial Gain with David Bach was a huge success. Nearly 70 Members and Guests attended and the event rated a 9.21! Congratulations to Adam and the Learning Team.

We are especially grateful to the University Club for hosting this event. The U Club donated their space, refreshments and a fantastic spread of appetizers for this event. Thanks so much to the U Club.

Mitch Semon and Kayle Fields, Membership Directors of the U Club, are offering EO San Diego Members a huge discount on U Club Memberships. Here are the details:

My Club, My Community, My World Membership (Full Upgraded Membership for the price of our base level membership ^$50 monthly savings)
$216 monthly (age 41 & over) / $176 monthly (age 40 & under)

Network Benefits:
-Local San Diego Benefits:
-Access to the University Club and to the other clubs in San Diego (Morgan Run, Shadowridge, Bernardo Heights) to dine, socialize and golf.
-At these clubs, you enjoy 2-for-1 golf and 2-for-1 entree per month, per club.

My World Benefits:
-You will also have access to over 200 City Clubs and Country Clubs outside of the San Diego market.
-At these clubs, you will enjoy 2 complimentary greens fees per month, per Country Club and 2 complimentary 4-course meals per month, per City Club.

Home Club Benefits:
-Month to month Membership
-Hosted Valet parking
-Complimentary breakfast
-30-40 social events a month
-Complimentary Wi-Fi
-Complimentary printing
-Access to over 250 Golf Clubs in the Country & 48 Business Clubs
-Ability to host private events with no room rental fee (preferred f&b minimums apply)

-2 Complementary tickets to monthly BLEND Wine Tasting
-Can be used by Members or gifted to clients, friends or family members as a gift
-If you were not a Reserve Member, the tasting is $25 plus tax & service charge per person
-15% off all Wine, Beer & Spirit Reserve Dinners
-Exclusive Wine List
-Extended benefits at the West Coast City Clubs Reserve Events
-Center Club Orange County, City Club Los Angeles, Silicon Valley Capital Club, Columbia Tower Club Seattle, Plaza Club San Antonio

Please reach out to Mitch Semon ( or Kayle Fields ( with any questions.

2019 Revenue Growth Survey Results – Part 2

October 10, 2019 / Growth

This is the second and last summary post of the 2019 EO Growth Survey results about our members.  

For example, when it comes to 2019 Revenue, nearly half of the chapter will do between 1- $5M in Top Line Revenue, and on the high end 13.25% will do over $20M. 

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2019 Revenue Growth Survey Results

September 30, 2019 / Growth

Thank you to all the members who have done the EO Growth Survey. I am excited to start sharing the great data on Growth in our chapter. We have gathered a wealth of data and opportunities to learn from one another, including many of the sales and marketing strategies that our members are using to rapidly grow their top-line revenue. Here are some top-level findings as we prepare to dive deeper in the weeks ahead:

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