Djamel Bettahar - Growing Organifi to $150M+ in total Revenue in Under 5 Years

Posted: October 18, 2019
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When we asked the chapter, what one EO Member would you want to learn from on growing revenue, Djamel Bettahar was one of the most requested people. So we took a moment to ask Djamel a few questions for you to get to know about him, and the explosive growth his company Organifi is experiencing.

For those who don't know, Organifi is an organic superfood e-commerce company. But it's more than just a superfood company - it’s a lifestyle. With roots in transformation coaching, they've discovered the power of mindset and community in creating sustainable lifestyle change.

Member Bio: Djamel Bettahar is Co-Founder & CEO of Organifi, an organic superfood company, with over $150 Million in sales reached in under 5 Years. As an ex-aerospace engineer, he took his hustle, faith and a little risk and launched himself on a path with the hopes of impacting millions of people through health and wellness. Since then, Organifi hit the Inc 500 List for Fastest Growing Companies in America, 3 years in a row. Success is not defined by how many hours you work in a week but defined in how many lives you can impact. Organifi has also been ranked #4 Best Place to work in America by Fortune Magazine and continues to set new standards for the modern workplace. Djamel is committed to scaling a profitable business while creating deep human connections and experiences that amplify life inside of work and out. Ex-Engineer turned business tycoon, superfood CEO, yogi and skydiver.

Tell me about your growth over the last 3 or so years?
We were at $29M in 2017, $43M in 2018, and $75M in 2019. We have been growing 60-70% each year.

What has that kind of growth been like?
It's been like riding in a rocketship that is rattling and always on the verge of breaking. It's also like working on a huge life impacting project with all of your best friends.

What are some of the top learnings you’ve had based on your fast growth?
Focus on the winners, whether its products or people. Hire the right people and get out of the way sooner. Build transparency using data and empower others to rise.

What recommendations, resources or things do you have regarding things that helped you grow so quickly?
Traction & Rocketfuel, Ready Fire Aim, Think and Grow Rich, Exponential Organizations

If you had to trade places with any other EO San Diego member and run their company, who would it be and why.
Neil Dutta, he's a cashflow king and incredible at building and maintaining relationships.

What practices, habits or things helps you perform at your best?
Meditation and Green Juice every day.

(Drew) Nice plug on the Organifi Green Juice Djamel!

Lastly, what do you value the most about being in EO San Diego?

(Drew) Love it. We have an amazing chapter and certainly it feels like we are family, all wanting to see each member succeed. Thank you Djamel.

Djamel, how can members connect with you?
At a chapter event, EO Network or here's my LinkedIN profile.

What's Next?
Look out for a bunch more Member Spotlights coming in the weeks ahead! Several of the fastest growing EO companies and the most requested EO'ers will be sharing nuggets of wisdom for us all.  Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or members you want to hear from!

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