Nick Brune (Currently an EO San Diego Member)
P: 858-246-6129

Catering (Food & Beverages)

Eco Caters is dedicated to protecting both the earth, which is the source of our cuisine, as well as the people who populate the planet. We do so primarily through the use of biodegradable products, by using only organic foods and by purchasing produce from farms where fair trade practices are used. In addition to these methods of conscious consumption, a portion of our proceeds is donated to organizations that support renewable energy and a sustainable lifestyle.

My name is Nick Brune and I am the Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Eco Caters, which specializes in providing the highest quality catering with handcrafted foods made 100% from scratch while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Growing up in Louisiana, I was raised in the heart of “flavor country” on Cajun Southern cuisine. Every member of my family is an exceptional cook; I followed suit and started cooking and experimenting with food at a young age. While attending LSU, I really became dedicated to the food industry, so much so that I moved to New Orleans to pursue my passion. In New Orleans I worked at the acclaimed Mr. B’s Bistro, where I expanded upon my knowledge and added French techniques to my repertoire.

At age 21, I moved to Los Angeles and worked at Kai’s Catering + Events. I was responsible for coordinating all aspects of the kitchen for various high-end events such as Esquire Magazine parties, AMA after parties, and celebrity birthday celebrations. I added to my talents and introduced my personal chef skills to a wide array of clientele including Jennifer Lopez and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

With my previous work experience coupled with the knowledge I accumulated studying cuisines throughout Louisiana, California, and several countries in Southeast Asia and Central America, I ventured out and co-founded Eco Caters. At Eco Caters we strive to produce food in a better way, all of our produce, meat, and seafood are organic, fresh, and sourced from local farmers to guarantee freshness and to minimize drive time. In 2011, my business partner, Adam, and myself decided to bring the California Creole cuisine to the masses opening the Local Habit restaurant in San Diego. Our menu empathizes the bold flavors, spices, and flair of foods in Louisiana. Having the opportunity to devote my career to creating delicious artful, seasonal, and organic dining experiences has been truly rewarding.

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