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Financial Services

We created Simplexity to help founders sleep at night because we are also founders.

The Pain We Solve.

Our monthly dashboards focus on exceptions. Those things that happen that will influence your decision making going forward. Burn rate scenarios, expense analysis and Budget vs Actual are not only highlighted but explained. These reports are perfect to facilitate leadership strategies, as well as board communication.

We are accomplished accountants and finance people but we’ve also been in your shoes as serial entrepreneurs and investors. We know how to look ahead (and not just backwards like most accountants) to give you the vital information you need to make informed decisions. Our team handles the accounting and finance issues so that you can focus on growth. Find out why the leading early-stage venture firms recommend Simplexity and let us help you win.

Who We Serve

Are you spending too much time and money handling your company’s finance, administration and bookkeeping? Time and money that would be better served investing in your team, products and delighting your customers? Or, perhaps you are doing too little, and creating problems down the road for your next key funding, loans, or events? Speak to us!

One Platform and One Team

Simplexity helps de-risk and accelerate startups by applying our Systems Science and solutions as building blocks for essential founder infrastructure; resulting in the business insights and deliverables which allow founders and their investors to sleep better at night.

We combine technology with expert staff. The Simplexity portal is your one-stop hub to access and see all of your critical finance, accounting and administrative information. Our team of highly-accomplished bookkeepers, controllers, CPAs, and CFOs – works in the background to handle your company’s finances in a world-class manner.


Frederick Morrison is an entrepreneur and businessman based in San Diego, USA. As entrepreneur he is actively involved in the Venture Capital market and focus on helping startups getting traction and grow. He completed his degree in Computer Science at the North West University (South Africa).

As part of the team that initiated and deployed the paperless GILT trading system in South Africa for the Johannesburg Stock Exchange he developed interfaces to this system for First National Bank in South Africa. During 1994 he founded Client Server Specialist Group Pty Ltd, the company also procured the contract to provide the New Vehicle Finance system for Wesbank, a leading vehicle financial in South Africa. This system was fully integrated solution from credit scoring models to the final contract management.

He lead Vesta to IPO and to be listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Core expertise included Knowledge Management Solutions, Financial Systems, and the support for the National Payment System of the South African Reserve Bank.

His passion of aviation lead to the establishment of Superior Aviation Group, an integrated aviation organization based in South Africa offering Aviation Training, Maintenance and support in the aviation field. This company supported by Frederick’s experience as the holder of ATPL Aircraft and Commercial helicopter licenses with instructor rating for aircraft.

Retriever Fintech, co-founded by Frederick, processes various direct bank debits and delivers a banking platform over mobile networks. The division is an approved Third Party Payments Provider and Systems Operator with the Payments Association of South Africa. This system was later augmented with Olympus Mobile, a complete banking product suite.

His current focus is the expansion of the business in the USA as President of M-Tetrad Inc. As part of the expansion, he joined Simplexity Holdings in San Diego as General Partner.

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