Bob Bagga
(206) 619-2126


BizX is a community of thousands of local businesses who engage and leverage one another within the BizX network. BizX provides businesses with the opportunity to buy and sell from one another without spending cash. BizX allows them to reduce excess inventory, develop new customers and manage their cash while improving their businesses and their lives.

Bob Bagga is the President and CEO of BizX and is recognized internationally for his accomplishments in the private currency & barter industries. He has built BizX to a business with thousands of members with a leading e-commerce marketplace and a private currency. This success is built on his 20 years of experience, including building a number of successful trade exchanges.

For the last 12 years, Bob has been leading an amazing team that works together to build BizX into the leading private currency and an online marketplace that allows businesses to participate in the sharing economy. BizX is currently a market leader, with a goal to become the world’s leading private currency for the sharing economy.

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