Master Staffing Solutions, Inc.

Master Staffing Solutions is headquartered in San Diego CA and led by President, Dewey Erguder. Dewey is also the first EOA member to be a sponsor for EO.

Dewey recognizes that staffing can be overwhelming, and the wrong hire can be detrimental to a business. Master Staffing Solutions’ purpose is to find people with the ability to tackle tomorrow’s challenges. They focus on developing a robust talent pipeline of people who have the qualities needed to succeed now and in the future by focusing on three key areas; hiring, retention, and development.

Master Staffing Solutions ensures your company has the perfect people to achieve your organization’s highest vision. Building genuine relationships and earning trust in partnership is part of their core values and purpose as a business.

EO Members will be given the opportunity to work with Master Staffing Solutions, specifically on direct placement model on a monthly retainer model and a tiered placement fee model for hiring fees.

“The EO Community as a whole, share my values and approach to business management and the entrepreneurial mindset. Being able to serve the EO community, by creating partnerships with other like-minded business owners, is our priority from a business development standpoint.” – Dewey Erguder



Dewey Erguder




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