Serving Lunch:
Mon – Fri 11:30am – 2:15pm
Dinner nightly:
Monday – Thursday 5:30pm – Close
Friday – Sunday 5:00pm – Close
Sunday 10am – 2pm
Cocktail Hour:
Sunday – Thursday 2:30 – 6:00pm

Bertrand at Mister A’s 2550 Fifth Avenue
Twelfth Floor
San Diego, CA 92103

Phone Numbers:
Reservations: 619-239-1377

Mister A’s

Chef Voitzwinkler brings a variety of influences to his menu for Bertrand at Mister A’s.   He cites the many kitchens he’s worked in as major sources of inspiration: “I’ve been fortunate to work at well-known places and with well-known chefs…Every place I’ve worked at has influenced me.  I learn everything I can in every place I work.” His Alsatian upbringing infuses his cuisine with this region’s unique mixture of cultures: while French ingredients and techniques dominate, the Alsatian German influence makes itself evident in Mister A’s dishes like spaetzel, choucroute and house made sausage.  His emphasis on fresh, local produce and simpler, more straightforward preparations is distinctly Californian, with lighter, more health-conscious dishes balancing out the more calorically indulgent French and German-inspired fare.  However, the distinctly European culinary richness still makes a formidable presence: while escargots are not listed on the menu, they are available word-of-mouth and as Chef Voitzwinkler admits, there is always plenty of delicious butter used in the creation of Mister A’s dishes, even if it isn’t always mentioned on the menu.

The changing seasons and the impact they have on local produce are perhaps Chef Voitzwinkler’s greatest muse.  He sources all of his produce from Chino Farms in Rancho Santa Fe and varies his seafood use based on what is available from local purveyors.  The Bertrand at Mister A’s menu, therefore, is constantly changing depending on access to and availability of fresh ingredients, ensuring that guests experience the highest quality flavors.

Chef Voitzwinkler’s main motivation in the kitchen is pleasing his customers.  He acknowledges that, since the restaurant has such a reputation for its uncompromised view of the city, he works extra hard to make sure that his dishes are equally impressive: “I want them to not only enjoy the view and this beautiful restaurant, but I want them to enjoy the food as well.”  It is this desire for customer satisfaction that governs his emphasis on light and simple preparations, arising from the knowledge that with more complicated techniques there is “more likelihood of failure” as well as his embrace of San Diegans’ less adventurous palates.

While Chef Voitzwinkler describes his style as “simple” it is by no means simplistic.  Everything in the restaurant is homemade and every component of every dish is given the same amount of attention and care: “I care about everything,” Chef Voitzwinkler reveals, putting as much “care into making a burger” as everything else.  This attention to detail is truly what distinguishes Bertrand at Mister A’s from other restaurants.  The flavorful cuisine, the pampering service, and the stellar view combine to make the Mister A’s experience such a memorable dining spectacle.  And through it all, Chef Voitzwinkler and his expert staff are there in the wings, making sure the elaborate show goes off without a hitch.

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