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Book In A Box helps innovators and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into a book.

By surrounding you with a world-class team of publishing talent, our process takes you from idea to professionally published book in under 6 months.

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

➨ We Turn Your Idea Into An Outline: Our professional outliners spend about 4-5 hours on the phone with you, clarifying your goals, refining your book idea and getting crystal clear on precisely what your book will say. They’ll use that information to craft a detailed outline that contains all of your book ideas in a simple, clear format.

➨ We Interview You And Get Your Wisdom Out: One of our incredible scribes—who range in experience from professional journalists to bestselling authors—will go through your outline, interviewing you and getting the knowledge and wisdom you want in your book out of your head and into an audio recording. Think of it like recording the rough draft of your audiobook before you write the book.

➨ We Turn Your Transcript Into Book Manuscript: The same scribe will work from the written transcript of the interviews to create a book manuscript that expresses your ideas, in your voice. This is not ghostwriting; the content is completely yours, both the ideas expressed and the words used to express them come from you.

➨ We Publish It: The biggest thing that separates ‘real’ books from those that feel amateur is the design and production quality. Your book will look and feel exactly like the ones published by major authors. Your book will be available to purchase from all the major online retailers in both ebook and physical formats.

➨You’re The Author, And You Own Everything: Since the ideas and words in the book are yours and not ours, you’re the sole author. And since you pay us for this service, you own all rights and royalties.


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