Simplexity Services LLC

Simplexity Services LLC

Simplexity isn’t your typical accounting company and we don’t serve typical clients. Most accountants just look in in the rearview mirror and handle any kind of business. At Simplexity, we also look ahead and around corners and we only serve entrepreneurs. That’s because we ourselves are entrepreneurs. We’ve founded, or materially helped to found, nearly a dozen companies with exits nearing $1 billion dollars and even to IPO. We are now dedicated to using our hard-won knowledge (from raising hundreds of millions of venture capital, deal structuring, and execution) to helping other entrepreneurs and we do this through our own venture fund and through Simplexity Services, our accounting and administrative support organization.

We support entpreneneurs by handling the accounting, cash-management, and sundry administrative tasks so that entrepreneurs can focus on what really matters most – building great teams, compelling products and services, and delighting their own customers. All the time knowing that their accounting is solid, and that they are getting critical information and insights to better run their businesses. Our team of skilled accountants, bookkeepers and fractional Controllers became your extended team members. We also have developed Knowbility, the most-advanced accounting and insights platform and dashboard to help you steer your business.

Simplexity Services include:

• Accrual Accounting

• Deferred Revenue

• Accounts Payable

• Employee Expense Reporting

• Payroll and HR

• Monthly Operational and Board Reporting

• Corporate Filings

• Coordination with Your Tax Preparer

• Fractional CFO

• Business Strategy

• Raises and Exits

We know what’s like to be in your shoes and we completely understand the pressures you face running a business. We realize that your needs will evolve as you scale, and we are designed to be elastic and adapt to your needs and requirements.

Simplexity Services is recommended by some of the leading venture firms in the world including Y Combinator, First Round Capital and Uncork Capital and we are proud to service many high velocity venture-funded startups as well as many amazing founder-funded and bootstrapped companies.

We are always looking to help other entrepreneurs and we’re happy to provide a free and no-pressure consultation to explore fit and alignment.


Frederick Morrison (EO San Diego Member)

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