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Posted: November 1, 2019
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A few weeks ago we reported that 58% of our members use a CRM and that 33.8% use Marketing Automation - including which specific software they use. This week we are looking at the software they use in more detail.

1. The 2 Most Used CRMs aren't Highly Recommended (per the Net Promoter Score).

In fact, the NPS for all CRM's is 2. So there is no clear leader or recommended tool based on your peers recommendations.

2. The Highest Growth Companies CRM Usage

Several of the high-growth members use industry specific or proprietary CRM solutions they built in-house.

3. All Member CRM Recommendations

Of those who use a CRM, here are the recommendations they have for you if you are considering a change or selecting a new one.


Having flexibility in your CRM to mold and conform to your growing business model is key.

It’s the only way to fluidly scale. Automate all that you can so that you’re not growing your payroll at the same rate you’re growing sales.


If it's not in the CRM it didn't happen.

Get one that integrates w/ your other software. People need to be empowered to use it and live in it.

It's only as good as the information you put into it. It will not solve bad sales practices.


Interview the organization on needs, wants, etc. before you make a choice.

Make a list of what you need and then ask others what they use and how they perform in these areas.

Got to find one that works best for your industry and company and hire a consultant to help implement it.

We selected ours by seeing it successful with our peers in our industry.

Simplicity is key and a CRM that talks/integrates with as many pieces of your business is critical.


Make sure it’s set up properly for what data you ar elooking to mine out of it.

Do it right from the start. It is easier than adopting down road. Hire a pro to set up dashboards and dial in CRM to manage your sales process and pipeline.


Salesforce is a black hole for dumping money into customization so just be prepared to send a few hundred thousand dollars to perfect it. Not including license fees.

If you can afford, it's awesome.

Salesforce is expensive and there are probably better alternatives.

...and finally, in general about using as CRM

It is a Must!

4. Hubspot is the Most Used and Recommended Marketing Automation Software

ActiveCampaign also received positive a positive NPS, but Pardot the second most used software received a -50.  Granted the sample set for respondents was fairly small, with only 25 total respondents because only over 1/3rd of respondents use marketing automation.

5. The Highest Growth Companies Marketing Automation Usage

6. Member Marketing Automation Recommendations

The software won’t do shit for you. It’s all about the staffing and effort you put into it. Make sure you have way more budget and strategy for that than the tool itself or your gonna be disappointed and waste your money.

We have 30% open rates and 200k leads. Be sure to hit inbox and have deliverability.


More to come as dive deeper into the Sales & Marketing metrics people use to manage their business and more!

I am excited for us to learn from each other as mentioned, our chapter seeks to increase member-to-member value through curating and creating valuable content that you care about.  GROWTH is the first theme that will be unpacked for the next several months but over the year we will focus on 4 themes GROWTH, SCALING your operations, creating a winning STRATEGY and MONEY.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions!

Drew Goodmanson
EO Member since 2009