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Welcome Cushman Wakefield’s Senior Economic Adviser, James Bohnaker to provide insights into the ever changing economic forecast. US Economic Outlook Recession is the topic du jour. What does that really mean? How bad will it get? Most expect the downturn to be relatively mild and short. But plan for alternative scenarios. Focus on your core customer base. Wealthy households will continue to spend strongly especially on travel, dining, entertainment. Interest rates are high and unlikely to ease until 2024. Debt costs may be challenging now but will not last forever. Look beyond the downturn. Start planning for the rebound in terms of market entry, hiring, etc. The longer term outlook is positive. Politics will become more important over the next few years. Important to advocate for your business interests. Sustainability, diversity/equity, community, and wellness are entrenched in the next generation’s mindset. Be leaders in this area. Real estate topics Housing affordability is a long term problem, both for renting and ownership. Office market will never be the same. Labor shortages are not going away so it’s crucial to understand employee needs. E-commerce is not as resilient as you might think. Very expensive and logistically challenging. If you’re a retailer, invest in communities where people live and socialize. Open to EO Members, guests, sponsors, and accelerators

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